AcePos - Point of Sale Software System

The AcePos (Point of Sales) Systems gives the user more flexibility and advantages:-
a.  Easy to use.
b.  Flexible configuration.
b.  Comprehensive management reports.
The benefits of good retail management that can be derived from these systems far outweigh the cost of the system.  The Food & Beverage businesses will use our Touch Screen System for managing their outlets Food Costing as well as standard inventory management for stock items that can be counted.  We also have versions with ingredients costing for individual items such as liquor mixture, cocktails etc for stock management.
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AcePos Point of Sales Systems

AcePos - Point of Sale Software System Malaysia

AcePos - Point of Sales System - Features and Management Reports
The computerised Point of Sales System (POS Software) that will help you to:-
Manage your daily cash intake.
Know your stock balance.
Know from which products are your profits coming from.
Analyse your sales by individual categories.
Know total business your regular customers are giving you.
Calculate promoters commission based on their sales.
Know how much you are purchasing from each supplier.
Manage promotion campaigns easily.
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The AcePos (Point of Sale) System has many versions suitable for different types of retail businesses. We have AcePos Systems suitable for these types of businesses:-
AcePos BASIC for Food & Beverage businesses
AcePos BASIC for Laundry/Dobi businesses
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AcePos BASIC for retail businesses
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Retail business such as clothing, fashion, apparels, shoes, stationary, books, hardware, glassware, tourist retail centres, motor vehicle spare parts, motorcycle spare parts, mini markets, supermarkets, wine and liquor shops, bakery items shops etc.
Food & Beverage (F&B) business such as restaurants, cafes, bars, karaoke, night clubs, cake and bakery shops, private membership clubs, pubs and kopitiam - Touchscreen system.
Laundry or Dobi business.
Public parks, sports centres, amusement parks and exhibition centres Ticketing Systems.
Bus companies Ticketing Systems.
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