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The AcePos Laundry / Dobi System is meant to be used to manage all types of Laundry businesses and it uses the Touchscreen with photos of the various types of garments for easy use:-

Laundry business that does washing, cleaning, ironing or dry cleaning for customers.

Uses Touchscreen which shows pictures of the various type of garments for cleaning, dry cleaning for customers so its real easy for the users.

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The AcePos Laundry systems can be installed on standard PCs with a touch sensitive LCD Display unit or in AIO (All In One) PCs or even in Tablets with Windows Operating systems. This is then configured with cash drawer, customer pole display and receipt printer to become the cashier's system. The receipts can be printed on dot matrix printers where two ply paper can be used to produce the cleaning orders and bills where one copy is given to the customer and the other kept by the Company as proof of the transactions being carried out.

There are two main versions of the AcePos Touchscreen Laundry Systems:-

AcePos - Laundry Systems Hardware

To make the system easy to use, pictures of the various types of garments for cleaning, dry cleaning, ironing are shown in the system. The users need only touch the picture to enter the cleaning orders. The cleaning charges can be configured to be per piece basis or per kg basis. Sales items like laundry powder, hangers or even pegs can be sold via this system as sales items as well and for these type of items, the tracking of balance quantities is available.

Easy to Use - Cleaning Items With Pictures.

Basic Version - single terminal system that gives to users the basic functions of issuing cleaning orders, bills upon collection by customers, managing balance of stock quantity for sales items that require management of stock balance quantity and sales analysis reports.

Standard Version - mutiple terminals system which besides the above basic functions has sales analysis by sales promoters, VIP customers and costing by percentages as well for the entire business. This version can also print the wash tags which uses special tag paper for the operators to tag to the clothing being cleaned.

AcePos BASIC for Laundry/Dobi businesses