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AcePos Touchscreen Bus Ticketing Systems

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The AcePos Bus Ticketing Systems is meant to be used to issue bus tickets.

All type of bus companies can use this system, public buses or tour buses. The system allows for user to setup the usual bus times in a day like for example 5 am, 6 am, 7 am etc. The tickets can then be sold for each scheduled time based on maximum of tickets that can be sold for each bus.

The tickets are printed by the system on standard thermal paper with the bus logo, the date and time of scheduled bus as well as the seat number. Two pieces will be printed by the system, one is meant for the customer and one more is meant to be collected by the bus conductor for reconciliation later on.

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The Touchscreen systems can be installed on standard PCs with a touch sensitive LCD Display unit or in AIO (All In One) PCs or even in Tablets with Windows Operating systems. This is then configured with cash drawer, customer pole display and receipt printer to become the cashier's system.

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